Summer Special: 7 Generation Games Pre-Release Purchase Offer

From June 21 through Sept. 21, 7 Generation Games is offering a special pre-release offer. For just $35, you will get one-year license that entitles you to our first three games as we roll them out between June 21, 2013 and January 2014.

Here’s how it works:

Sign up today and you will also get access to Spirit Lake: The Game immediately. Spirit Lake is a “sampler” of third through fifth grade mathematics, including number operations (how many herbs do you need if 24 members of your tribe are sick and you need four herbs for each), geometry and statistics (what is your chance of stealing a war pony?)

You will be one of the first users to receive access to our updated version 1.1 of the game when it debuts October 1st, with added Easter eggs and more casual games where students are routed when they miss a math problem and have to leave the main game to study.


October 1st we will also be unveiling our second game, “Buffalo Trail” (working title). When we roll out Buffalo Trail, you will be able log-in and download the game. Buffalo Trail tackles fractions while you migrate with your family across the Great Plains. This game is full of side quests – from deer-hunting to building a Red River cart, Easter eggs and (of course) real-life math.

Then in January, 2013, we will complete the trifecta as we debut “Fish Lake” (another working title). Fish Lake will focus on middle school-level statistics. Again, as soon as the game is live, you will be one of the first to receive access.

All games are Web-based, but download directly to your computer so Web access is not necessary while playing the games.

Renewable game licenses are good for one year of updates to each game. Customers who take advantage of this special pre-sale offer will also get discounted renewal rates for the next two years and will be among the first users to receive access to any future games.

As of Sept. 22, this offer will increase to $50.

Exclusively for our Kickstarter backers, please check your email for a special exclusive offer for our backers with a $15 coupon. Also, if you make it to Las Vegas, it includes free beer.