Who is using it?

Our games are currently be played in more than 30 schools and after-school programs. We have a growing base of users from across the country and around the globe. See what everyone is saying about 7 Generation Games.

My students are testing Spirit Lake. I have already gotten my students interested in problem solving and excited to do math to solve the mission!
-Jessica Peterson

Normally, I just donate the games, but this time I thought I would also buy one for myself to try. After all, Dr. De Mars said they were push-ups for the brain. At 69 years old, I figured I could use some mental push-ups. I’m proud to say I’m doing quite well on the fractions, but I need a lot of work at avoiding snakes! -Cal Mettert

My husband and I can’t think of a more practical investment in the future. Please have Dr. De Mars and the rest of the 7 Generations Games Team donate this gift to a school in need. –Dominique Moceanu & Dr. Mike Canales

Gompers Middle School history teacher, Jose Gonzalez, explains how 7 Generation Games tells the oral traditions of Native American history.


Teacher Jen Carlson at Tate Topa Tribal School explains that the videos and math problems in Spirit Lake: The Game help her students with not only test scores, but also real-world situations.


And what do kids have to say? Because you know kids will tell it to you like it is.