Caution: Rant ahead. Years ago, I worked in a tall building with a lot of well-educated professionals. Our offices were located downtown and looked right over a school attended by low-income children. Like a lot of affluent Americans, we spent a lot of time criticizing public education, complaining that students […]

How we can help your students

With many “educational” video games on the market, we breakdown the good and bad elements games offer.  There are LOTS of educational games on the market. The problem is there aren’t very many good ones. How do you differentiate between the time wasters and the legitimate learning tools? Some games are […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Educational Game Design

We believe all schools should be using educational video games in their classrooms and we offer up three reasons why. Gaming provides significantly greater soft skill development.  Watch kids play an engaging video game. They will fail time and time again, and yet they repeatedly go back into the game to […]

Three Reasons Why All Schools Should Use Games

    The digital divide is a frequent topic of conversation around the 7 Generation Games offices. The digital divide refers to the gap between those who have regular computer/Internet access and those who don’t. The subject came to the forefront again recently after an article in USA Today, that […]

The Digital Divide: Creating Technology For The Millions In America ...

Annie Hammond offers insight from an educator’s perspective on educational gaming. I recently saw a cartoon on social media that read, “I used to tell people I was a teacher. Now I prefer the title Data Collection and Management Specialist. It’s much more accurate.” This could not be closer to […]

A Teacher’s Point of View: That’s Mrs. Data Collection and ...