Lesson 1

Introduction to game design: Terms, game review, game design documents

  • Read intro and game design terms.

Game Design Intro
Game Design Terms

  • Play at least 3 games.

If you do not have full access to 7 Generation Games through a site or personal license, please email diana@7generationgames.com for the download link. 

  • Familiarize yourself with Google apps.

Many of the activities used here will use Google apps (Drive, Docs, Slides, etc.). If you are not familiar with Google apps, these resources can help:
What Can You Do with Drive?
How to Use Google Drive
Get Started with Docs
What Can You Do with Slides?
How to Get the Most Out of Google Drive, Beginners Tutorial 

  • In Word or Google Drive, create notes document on games played and record your observations.

  • Read example game design documents.

Example 1 – Fish Lake 

Example 2 – AzTech: The Story Begins

Example 3 – GDD Template (We will use a more basic template, but this a good example of a professional game design document template.)

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