Math, the Universal Language NT - augmented reality

Recommended Grades 3-5
Math: Multiplication
Languages: Spanish and English

Multiplication and numbers spring to life in a bilingual augmented reality app.

Make math fun! Bring numbers to life in English and Spanish using this augmented reality app to practice multiplication and learn numbers in two languages! Kids will love seeing virtual numbers pop up in their real world in this new app from 7 Generation Games and Strong Mind Studios. Watch as commonly confused multiplication problems solve themselves!

Forget about boring flashcards. Simply hold the app over the game cards (provided via a free link within the game), and see the numbers and problem solutions appear as 3D images. Cards can either be printed or used on a second device.

Press on the language button to hear the numbers and multiplication problems said and solved aloud in English or Spanish.
Plus, cards include a few extra 3D bonus scenes with fun, interactive surprises.

Math: The Universal Language NT is a great way to get kids excited about math fundamentals and learning a second language! It’s two languages, four times the fun in this bilingual educational app.

Plays on iPhone, iPad and Android

Requires download? Yes.

Internet required? No. Plays offline once app and cards are downloaded

Why is it called NT? It stands for "New Technology". Our CTO thinks he is funny