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Rich Dixon is too modest to call himself an expert on education, badges and microcredentials, so Maria and AnnMaria will say it for him. From elementary school teacher, teacher education programs, ed tech startup and now at a non-profit, Rich has seen education from every perspective. He shares what he has learned from a startup that didn't end as planned as well as from 17 years in the classroom. Still think badges are from scout camp? Better listen up.

How to Show What You Know: Rich Dixon on Badges, ...

Dr. Carol Davis
Join us as Dr. Carol Davis tells us of her eventful life, from helping found a college at age 25, earning a teaching credential and doctorate while raising a houseful of children and grandchildren on the Turtle Mountain Reservation. After retiring from the college presidency, Dr. Davis continues non-stop as water protector, anti-fracking activist, founder of a non-profit research group and is still married to her husband for the past 53 years the incredibly lucky (and patient) Lynn Davis.

Straight Outta Turtle Mountain: Dr. Carol Davis

We began this podcast in May, 2016. In honor of our first year anniversary, having come from a hundred or so listeners to thousands, AnnMaria and Maria re-introduce themselves to let those who may have joined us more recently. AnnMaria describes going from being handcuffed to a bed in juvenile hall to president of 7 Generation Games. Maria gives life lessons learned from living in Indiana and also explains how she gave birth to both a bestseller and a baby within three weeks. This was before Maria implemented the 1 swear word per episode rule.

More Than Ordinary Anniversary! We re-cap our beginning

Julia, AnnMaria and Randy Couture
Randy Couture was in the army for six years, in the Olympic wrestling trials three times and had UFC titles in two weight divisions. He has been in 20 major movies (and counting). As close to you'll come as a real-life Captain America, Randy talks combat sports, coaching, parenting, business and having a life after competition.

Real Life Captain America: Randy Couture

AnnMaria, Lou, Maria
It is rare that a guest on our podcast has the staff at 7 Generation Games coming out of their offices for photo opportunities, but Lou Ferrigno is an exception in many ways. To those of you who fondly remember coming home from school and watching The Incredible Hulk, you won't be disappointed. He is practically a super-hero in real life. He dropped into our offices on the one day he had available between filming movies and TV shows. Despite a profound hearing loss as a child, he does public speaking around the world. Oh, did we mention he was Mr. Universe, has multiple businesses, including Ferrigno Fit and Ferrigno Legacy, and is also willing to give his secrets to success in marriage, parenting and keeping in that amazing shape.

Lou Ferrigno: More than the Incredible Hulk

Picture of Chateau Frontenac
Maria and AnnMaria dish on all things travel, from airports to road trips, Paris, France to New Town, North Dakota. They discuss how travel allows them to get to know their customers, bust up stereotypes and see new sites from the Alamo to the world's largest buffalo. They occasionally have to wake up Dennis, who is filling on for Jonah-the-Sound-Guy who is on vacation

Maria’s and AnnMaria’s Guide to Traveling the World

Karen Mackey
Karen Mackey is a master (or is mistress?) of perseverance, an attorney, Executive Director of the Human Rights commission and a former national judo team member. She talks about being an attorney despite hating law school and not being a fan of a lot of people in it, discusses growing up as one of the few Native Americans in almost every setting. She also gives out profound advice.

Karen Mackey: More than Ordinary lawyer

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
We celebrate our first year of podcasting with the amazing Dr. Rhadi Ferguson discussing everything from parenting to racism to life after sport. In case you don't know, Dr. Ferguson is a 2004 Olympian in judo, inducted into the Howard University Hall of Fame for three additional sports- wrestling, track and football. He wrote a masters thesis on corporal punishment in African-American families and a doctoral dissertation on the effectiveness of the NFL bench press test. He is an author, judo coach, personal and executive coach, professor, husband and father.

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson – More than Ordinary Everything!

Roy Hash as Green Beret
How much do you really know about the military? If you are like the majority of Americans under 30, neither you nor any of your immediate relatives has ever served in the military. Roy Hash is a 26-year army veteran, Green Beret, fifth-degree black belt, founder of Texoma Judo Club and top Call of Duty player. He joins us to discuss the attraction of military service for patriotism, a ticket to a better life or just being a soldier. We also discuss the reality and demands of military service.

More Than Ordinary Military Service: Roy Hash

Jonathan Shaw
Back by popular demand, we discuss the wild life and work of Jonathan Shaw, tattoo artist, author, editor and reformed insane person. Maria mentions her belief that Jonathan and AnnMaria were highly similar until she got to the part of his book where he met Charles Manson and then later rolled up into a carpet a body that may or may not have been dead. Jonathan talks about what his life has been like since sobering up, the toxic effects of fame and advice to AnnMaria on writing her memoir.

Rolling up possibly dead bodies: Jonathan Shaw, Part 2

Our guests today, Jorge Campos, Claudia Jorge, and Ethan Troupe are all seniors at Manual Arts High School who will be attending Harvard University and University of California, Berkeley this fall, majoring in economics, biomedical engineering and finance. They counter the stereotypes of inner city youth in every way - college bound, STEM majors and they just won a competition for youth leaders with a proposal to sponsor science fairs in elementary schools with high-achieving high school students from the neighborhood as mentors. They discuss their roles as role models and the challenges they see ahead.

The Amazing, Brilliant Students from Manual Arts High School