PowerPoint and PDF from Fish Lake

bass (the fish)The following PowerPoint presentations were created to complement the Common Core-aligned concepts as they relate to fractions as were covered in Fish Lake. 

We’ve put these topics in order of how we would teach them in a class, but your choice may vary.¬† For example, we tend to give a lot of examples of equivalent fractions and then when students are saying, “How do you FIND those equivalent fractions?” we go into renaming, least common multiples and common denominators. You might decide to do the explanations and then the examples, or example – explanation – example, which is actually our preferred method but it didn’t fit in a table well.

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¬†WHAT’S A¬†


 What are fractions?  What are fractions?
How to understand fractions How to understand fractions
Understanding Fractions Understanding Fractions
 One-half is fair  One-half is fair
 What is half?  What is half?



 Comparing like fractions  Comparing like fractions
 Like fractions : examples  Like fractions
 Adding with like denominators.pdf  Adding with like denominators
 Adding Fractions With Like Denominators 2  Adding Fractions With Like Denominators 2



 Adding and subtracting fractions  Adding and subtracting fractions
 Subtracting fractions  Subtracting fractions



When does a fraction = 1? When does a fraction = 1?
Equivalent fractions and number line example  Equivalent examples and number line example
 Equivalent fractions on a number line  Equivalent fractions on a number line
 Number line and equivalent fractions examples  Number line and equivalent fractions examples
 Equivalent fractions and fishing  Equivalent fractions and fishing
The Stew Problem: Equivalent fractions The Stew Problem: Equivalent Fractions



 Renaming fractions to higher terms  Rename fractions to higher terms
 Rename to lower terms  Rename to lower terms
Understanding Common Denominators Understanding Common Denominators



 Mixed form to fraction form  Mixed form to fraction form
 Doughnut fractions  Doughnut fractions
More examples of mixed form to fraction form  More examples of mixed form to fraction form
Doughnuts,  Fractions & mixed numbers Doughnuts, fractions and mixed numbers



 Working with unlike fractions  Working with unlike fractions
Compare Unlike Denominators: Least Common Multiple Compare Unlike Denominators : Least Common Multiple



 Multiplying fractions  Multiplying fractions