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Demos for every device, grades 3-8, in two languages!

Whether you use Chromebooks , iPads, Windows or Mac, whether you are teaching multiplication or measures of central tendency, we’ve got you covered. Select any of the games below as our gift to you and your students..

Games that teach multiplication, division & Native American history

In Making Camp, players practice multiplication and division skills while learning math problem solving strategies in a village-building simulation game.

Making Camp focuses on multiplication and division and teaches about Ojibwe culture. Set up your camp before winter comes. Trade for items. Learn math as you build out your virtual wigwam.  Grades 3 and up.

To play on the web, click here for Making Camp, a suite of casual games that teach math and social studies.

Or download from Google Play here

Want it for your iPad? Download here.

Buffalo from Spirit Lake GameIn Spirit Lake, you help your tribe survive while solving multiplication and division problems in a 3-D virtual world.

Spirit Lake focuses primarily on multiplication and division (including word problems) and teaches about Dakota culture. Save your tribe from attacks and a spreading epidemic. Escape rabid wolves. Hunt buffalo. Math has never been this fun. Grades 3 and up. Mac and PC.

Installers are available for Windows and Mac OS X.

For Windows the download link is SpiritLakeDemoWinInstall.zip

For Mac OS X the download link is Spirit Lake Beginnings Install.dmg

Fractions, fishing & Native American history

Fish Lake demo

In Fish Lake, you help your tribe find a new home while solving fraction problems in a 3-D virtual world.

Fish Lake focuses on fractions (including word problems) and teaches about Ojibwe culture. Watch out for poisonous snakes! Make your way down the rapids. Find enough food for your village’s survival. Figure out “what’s fair.” Who knew you could get this excited about fractions? Grades 4 and up. The full Fish Lake game is available for Mac, Windows and iPad.

Free demo versions are available for Windows and iPad.

For Windows the download link is FishLakeDemoWinInstall.zip

For iPads, you can download it free from the app store here

Teaching English language learners? Looking for a bilingual math game?

AzTech: The Story Begins teaches fractions and statistics, for grades 5-7, along with Latin American history. Did we mention it’s bilingual in Spanish and English?

Play on the web by clicking here 

Want AzTech: The Story Begins for your iPad? Download it free from the app store.

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