We strive to be authentic in every way at 7 Generation Games. For one of our future games, we are planning a fight scene. Of course, our game is set in North America mostly in the time prior to European contact. The main characters in the game are Native American.


We started with this photo taken at a pow-wow of Angie Longie from the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation. We loved this photo and we think we are only slightly biased given that her father is our cultural consultant, Dr. Erich Longie.

We then combined her photo with a photo taken from one of Ronda Rousey taken by Hans Gutknecht during the open work out session held prior to her UFC world title fight.

Combining the two photos, the one above and the one at bottom right, we came up with the picture below, created by the ever-talented Justin Flores.


We hope you like it. Signed photos will be mailed out this month. We are working now on assigning usernames and passwords. If you were one of the backers of our game on Kickstarter, you should get your username, password and a download link in your email today or tomorrow.