Differences Between Education 1.0 to 4.0 7

Education is finally changing -mostly because of the pandemic- but still, the change is here. New technology is being applied to this field and we must take advantage of what technology can provide to teachers, students, and parents. Here’s an overview on education from 1.0 to 4.0.


Education 1.0

  • Authoritarian
  • The student is the passive recipient
  • Teacher-centered system – the teacher gives knowledge as the absolute leader in the classroom
  • Technology is forbidden in the classroom

Education 2.0

  • Communication and collaboration are starting to grow
  • Exam-based approach – the result is the examination – Memorization of knowledge
  • An underestimated student-centered approach – it’s talked about, but do not apply it.
  • Some people think they stopped talking about teaching and they talk about learning and learning outcomes, but they are still on paper.
  • The schools are still talking about hours of teaching …but we should talk about hours of learning!

Education 3.0

  • Student-Centered approach
  • The teacher is transformed into a coordinator/facilitator, advisor, learner and practice guide
  • The student is researching
  • Flip classroom method applies
  • More dialogue, technology is everywhere, the student is self-learning and everywhere.
  • The classical style classroom no longer exists
  • Lesson Plans are now called Learning Plans

What’s next?

Education 4.0

  • Co-creation and innovation is the center
  • Whenever and wherever flipped classroom applied interactive practical exercise – face-to-face
  • Learning is done at home or outside school, while in school students develop skills
  • Development of personalized teaching and learning
  • Learning Plans are now called Creativity Plans
  • The technology is free and/or easily accessible, increased use of virtual reality
  • Continuous evolution and innovation – therefore, a need for continuous training and development of new knowledge and skills by all.


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7 thoughts on “Differences Between Education 1.0 to 4.0

  • Ann Diola

    This presentation is an eye-opener! Teachers and learners must be oriented re the difference between Education 1.0 and Education 4.0… so much can be saved and can be maximized when we understand this and employ in the field. Thanks for the comprehensive yet understandable discussion.

    • Christy Hanson

      Some of Education 4.0 was put to the test during the pandemic, like flipped classrooms. Connectivity is still a huge issue with many classrooms across rural areas of the United States. The idea that students should prepare to take on multiple career paths still stands. Discussion-based learning instead of lecturing to students is still being supported by having students work in teams.