Freebie Friday: math terms and Native American history by numbers videos

It’s Friday and here’s your freebie from 7 Generation Games. We have two videos for teachers to use for free in the classroom, or that parents can stream online at home.

Check out this great video called, “What’s The Word” that teaches addition, subtraction, and multiplication terms. We all know that we’re going to need math in the future, so knowing the right terms in math is essential. Here’s a great video that teaches about the sum, difference, product, multiplier, and factors.

We have another great video that called, “Native American History by the Numbers” that provides a brief history of changes in Native American population and geography over the past 500 years.

To check out more of our educational videos that teach math and Native American history, visit our   YouTube channel. We have over 100 videos on our channel that are great resources for both parents and teachers to utilize in their classroom or at home.

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