Is the game just for Native Americans?

We get this question a lot. The short answer is no. The game can be played by any student, anywhere.

However, the Native American population is our initial target audience for this game. The reason for this approach is twofold. One, there is no other educational game geared toward Indians. And two, we have worked on the reservation for more than two decades and can attest to the fact that Native American students are among the most underserved students in the United States. There are 1 million Native American students. This demographic is among the fastest growing minority in schools and is the lowest performing group in math achievement. We wanted to find a way to effectively reach these students so that we can best prepare them for academic success.

We believe many of the findings – and this game as a whole – can crossover to other communities and populations.

The game also can be customized for other populations, which is what we plan to do with additional funding (more on that to come).

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