Native American Educational Video Games

This is an ever-growing list (so feel free to check back for updates) of educational video games that feature Native and characters and/or themes.

Please note: games are from a variety of publishers. All games have been recommended by a member of 7 Generation Games team or trusted educator and played by a member of 7 Generation Games staff, but 7 Generation Games provided no endorsement relating any educational games claims or data provided by outside game publishers.

If you have a game you believe we should consider adding to this list, please email and include: name of the game and a URL where we can play the game/get more information.

Games by 7 Generation Games

Native American/American Indian

Spirit Lake (Dakota)

Fish Lake (Ojibwe)

Forgotten Trail (Ojibwe)

Making Camp – Premium, Ojibwe (free lite version), English/Spanish Bilingual (Ojibwe)

Making Camp Lakota (Lakota)

Games by Other Publishers

Thunderbird Strike

Path of the Elders (Cree/Ojibway)

Never Alone (Iñupiat/Alaska)

Coyote Quest 

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

Mikan (Ojibwe)

Honour Water

Spirits of Spring (Social Emotional Learning)


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