Strengthen Spanish Study with Games and AR

Gamified language learning

Grades remind people of work, but games remind people it’s time for fun! We have immersive bilingual adventures to offer bilingual learners, Grade 5 and up, practice Spanish or English. Yes, you can use these apps in high school Spanish and for ESL and ELL students.

The switch is easy

In our bilingual games, if you don’t understand a sentence or a word, you can always switch between English and Spanish for guidance. There’s no need to start any game over. Comparing language translations helps students learn and understand the language structure, vocabulary, numbers, and arithmetic for improved literacy in the target language.

Bilingual AR apps – All ages

Students who are learning English or Spanish can use our interactive AR apps to practice memorizing numbers in the target language. Counting by Two Languages and Math the Universal Language AR can be played on iPhone, iPad, and Android. The AR flash cards are freely available for print or display on a device.



High school Spanish, ESL, and ELL

Our AzTech series also benefits ELL and ESL students alike. It’s bilingual, cross-curricular, features native Spanish and English speech, and can be played on iOS, Mac, PC, and Chromebook. Play in either language at any time along your adventure, access read-along content, and learn math, social studies, and history. AzTech: The Story Begins and AzTech: Meet the Maya are for Grades 5 and up.

Students can follow along while listening to Spanish audio.

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