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For many children, math can be confusing, that’s why at 7 Generation Games we make the learning process a fun experience. Let us share with you some tips on how to teach division to your children or so they don’t feel lost or frustrated.


For children, it is really easy to learn if it is taught in the right way. A very effective technique that you can use to make it easier to understand is through the use of examples.

You can use their toys, their favorite food or any other thing that catches their attention to teach division – as the name implies, serves to divide things equally.

In order for the child to learn division efficiently, they must have mastery over the other mathematical operations. This includes addition and multiplication; especially the latter, since it is the basis of the division.

For this case, in 7 Generation Games we have games like Making Camp Premium and Making Camp bilingual -if you also want to learn Spanish -where you can learn divisions with examples and videos.

In Making Camp Bilingual you can practice your skills in multiplication and division while learning strategies to solve math problems. Throughout the game you can also learn the history of Native Americans.

2. Teach with Games

Videogames not only give you a moment of entertainment, they can also help you learn specific subjects such as history, math, and language, as well as how to tolerate frustration. You don’t always win, but you have to keep on playing.

At 7 Generation Games we make games that make you smarter. We are aware of the importance of having a good mathematical base because it will help you in life. Also, we know that playing is the natural way children learn.

That’s why we want to share with you some games that you can use to implement this tip:

AzTech: Meet the Maya

Jungle game

Recommended Grades 5-8
Math: Statistics
History: Latin America, Maya

AzTech: The Story Begins

In Spanish: When are we? Where are we ?

Recommended Grades 5-7
Math: Fractions and Statistics
History: Latin America, Maya

Do you know more techniques to teach math to children?
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