July 22, 2024

Welcome to Game Design!

So you want to make video games (or at least are interested in what goes into making video games)? You’ve come to the right place!

In this game design workshop, you’ll learn what it is that actually goes into making video games. Sure, having an idea for an awesome game is cool – but that alone is not actually a job. However, in this workshop we’ll introduce you to some of the many jobs that do exist in video games companies, giving you hands-on experience and idea of what it actually is that people who make video games do.

Oh, and at the end, you’ll actually get to pitch your ideas and help design a level that will go into an actual video game made by 7 Generation Games.

All of the materials for each meeting will be here on this site. Your instructor will share a link to Google Drive file for sharing your work and keeping track of all of your brainstorming.

You can get a very basic overview as to what to expect each meeting if you’re in the middle class by checking out the schedule .

And if you ever get lost or confused as to what your should be doing, can’t find the information you need for a session, assignment or anything else, you can always email info@7generationgames.com and we’ll help you right out.

Ready to get started? Go to Level 1.