May 26, 2024

2. Game Tester is a Job

Your mom is right about most things, but not this

If you’re like a lot of people, your mom may have gotten tired of you playing games and not cleaning your room or doing your homework. She might have yelled at you,

“No one is going to pay you to play video games when you grow up, you know!”

– Moms everywhere

Actually, game tester IS a job

That’s the good news. The bad news is it is not a super high-paying job. Also, you usually don’t get to just play a game until you win and that’s it. Often, you play the same game over and over. Sometimes, you’ll be expected to get answers wrong on purpose or lose a level, to test if what is supposed to happen really happens.

A tester’s main responsibility to report bugs.

We use a system called bugzilla. Here is the link. You’ll need it.

As a game tester, you’ll be given a username and password to file your bugs. Your supervisor will give you a username and password.

You’ll be given the password in the second lesson of this course. If you did not get it, email or use the contact form.

The more specific the bug, the better.

Your mission is …

1.Play at least 2 games you can find here.

NOTE!! All of the web games should be free. If you try to download a game from the App Store or Google Play and it asks you to pay, please email or mention it to your instructor, because that should not happen.

File a bug report on at least one of them.

Wait ! Need more information!

You can find more information on bug reporting here.


You can learn how to take a screenshot on all kinds of different devices here.

For the presentation on “Bugs and Enhancements,” you can get it here.

More the visual type? Watch a short video on bug reports.

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