AzTech: The Beginning

AzTech: The Story Begins - book on desk with picture of Mayan god-king

Learn fractions, basic statistics and Latin American history, in this bilingual game, Spanish and English, that’s also an adventure!

⭐Recommended Grades 5-7
⭐Math: Fractions and Statistics
⭐History: Latin America, Maya

📚AzTech: The Beginning – Math Standards

The average number of students in Mr. Gonzalez’ classes has been going down. Where did they go? More importantly, will they be able to use their knowledge of math and history to make it back? AzTech: The Story Begins teaches math as well as incorporates social studies and language arts – because real life isn’t broken down by subject. Making it twice as nice, it can be played in English or as a bilingual English/Spanish experience.

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AzTech Games is the FIRST fully bilingual, cross-curricular math adventure game series on the market. Language of instruction is controlled by the player on every single page within the game, including text, audio and video content.

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AzTech: The Story Begins draws from 7 Generation Games award-winning work, which backed published academic research that shows students who played our games saw math scores on in-game skills improve 30% in 10 weeks – 3x over the control group. This game will help students understand the importance of mathematics as it applies to reality.

Related game: AzTech: Meet the Mayas, the second part of our bilingual adventure game series – AzTech Games. AzTech: The Story Begins is the first part.