How 7 Gen Blocks is changing educational games

When games are less expensive to make, educational content can be made for markets that have been overlooked – and, a LOT of people have been overlooked.

We are changing the game for:

  1. Under-served communities in the U.S.
  2. Overlooked international markets
  3. Organizations that want to teach a very specific set of content

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Making Camp Lakota

Games for Underserved U.S. Communities

When it costs $250,000 to make a good educational game, you aren’t going to make one that teaches the Lakota language for the 100,000 Lakota living today or the 1,000,000 Guatemalan immigrants.

Decades of research has shown that students learn better when material is presented in contexts that are familiar to them. Making Camp Lakota, for example, teaches about Lakota history and culture, includes instruction in basic division, with games like “Earn your horse” and can be played in English or Lakota.

Games for International Markets

When tech companies look to international markets, it is often China or India. However, there are 33 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a median population of 6.6 million, slightly smaller than the state of Indiana. Using blocks to develop games rapidly (and, hence, cheaper), it becomes cost-effective to create games for smaller national markets. For example, Yaima Presenta Manuel Rodriguez teaches Chilean middle school history

Chile 1800
Yaima y Manuel Rodriguez is an Android game teaching Chilean history in the 19th century.
Disaster Deduction Detectives Standards

Whatever you are teaching, maintaining interest is a challenge – make it into a game!

A huge amount of content, from learning an Indigenous language to financial literacy for young farmers to workplace training could be a great game but it’s been cost-prohibitive -until now. Disaster Deduction Detectives teaches basic statistics – measures of central tendency. Growing Your Garden teaches the economics of vegetable gardens.

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