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What if you could combine a great teacher and an engaging video game into educational software that raises math scores?

That’s what we do at 7 Generation Games.

Can you actually learn math from a video game? Yes!

Welcome to 7 Generation Games,  immersive video games and interactive apps that teach math, history and language – in English and Spanish. We make educational adventure games that kids actually want to play. And our games make math scores go up! Kids who played 7 Generation Games saw math scores improve 30% in just 10 weeks – a 3x improvement  over the control group.

IN ALL OF OUR GAMES … Interactive mathematics is similar to state assessments, with drag-and-drop features, number lines and chart capabilities.

We have games available for Mac, Windows, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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spirit lake

Spirit Lake

Fish Lake

Fish Lake

Forgotten Trail

Making Camp

Making Camp: Ojibwe (Free)

Making Camp Bilingual

Making Camp Bilingual

Wigwam in woods scene

Making Camp Premium

Making Camp: Lakota (Free)

llama icon

Counting By 2 Languages AR (Free)

app icon

Math: The Universal Language AR (Free)

Aztech: The story begins

AzTech: The Story Begins (Free)

AR over tipi

Math: The Universal Language AR – Lakota (Free)

Aztech Maya icon

AzTech: Meet the Maya