AzTech: Empiric Empire


Recommended Grades 5-7
Math: Fractions and Statistics
History: Latin America, Maya

After falling through time, you find yourself in a top-secret time travel training facility about to enter one of the greatest empires in the history of civilization. And so begins AzTech: Empiric Empire, an adventure game where learning math and science is essential to your survival! Putting math in-context and combined with engaging games, puzzles and narrative, AzTech: Empiric Empire is the perfect game for students who want to learn fractions, decimals, percentages and statistics while having fun! This adventure math video game contains 6 levels for students in Grades 5-7.

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📌Games and videos to learn and practice fractions, decimals, percentages and statistics through the context of public health and science.
📌Our app features interactive activities to familiarize kids with standardized assessments.
📌Aligned with Common Core State Standards.

📚 ENGAGING STORYTELLING: You have landed in the Aztec Empire. It’s the Year 1520 and you are on the outskirts of what was–well I suppose, what right now–is one of the greatest cities in the world: Tenochtitlan. However, a rapidly spreading epidemic is pushing the empire to the brink of collapse …

🦠 LEARN HOW MATH RELATES TO EPIDEMIOLOGY: Researchers analyze existing data. During this process, researchers apply mathematical analysis to build solid, working models for forecasting future outbreaks.

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AzTech: Empiric Empire draws from 7 Generation Games award-winning work, which backed published academic research that shows students who played our games saw math scores on in-game skills improve 30% in 10 weeks – 3x over the control group. This game will help students understand the importance of mathematics as it applies to reality. Whether students want to become doctors, epidemiologists, mathematicians or whatever they dream of, it all starts with learning mathematics.