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What if you could combine a great teacher and an engaging video game into educational software that raises math scores?

That’s our job. We make educational adventure games that kids actually want to play. And our games make math scores go up!

Kids who played 7 Generation Games saw math scores improve 30% in just 10 weeks with a control group.

Ready to learn math from a video game? Let’s get started.


Kids learn math, history and language — while having fun.



  • Our interactive apps feature drag-and-drop, number lines and charting capabilities to familiarize kids with standardized assessments.
  • Aligned with Common Core State Standards.
  • Kids can choose how to learn in order to improve understanding.
  • Ready for Mac, Windows, Chromebook, iOS and Android.
  • Bilingual features: English and Spanish, Dakota, Lakota


Games by grade

Grades 3-5

Grades 4-5

Grades 4-6

Grades 5-7

Grades 5-8

Spirit Lake 

Making Camp Ojibwe

Making Camp Bilingual 

Making Camp Premium

Making Camp

Fish Lake
Making Camp Dakota: Past & Present

Forgotten Trail

AzTech: The Story

AzTech: Empiric Empire

AzTech: Meet
the Maya



AzTech: The Story Begins - book on desk with picture of Mayan god-king
AzTech: The Story Begins

Mayan god king
AzTech: Meet the Maya

Counting by Two Languages

Canoeing in Fish LakeFish Lake

Sam hikes the Forgotten Trail in the rain

Forgotten Trail

Making Camp Lakota

Making Camp Bilingual

Math The Universal Language icon

Math: The Universal Language

Spirit Lake Beginnings Lakota

Spirit Lake Beginnings Lakota

Making Camp Ojibwe icon

Making Camp Ojibwe

Math: The Universal Language Lakota

Math: The Universal Language Lakota

Making Camp Premium

AzTech:Empiric EmpireAzTech:Empiric Empire

Making Camp Dakota

Making Camp Dakota: Past & Present

Spirit Lake: The Game

Math: The Universal Language - Dakota

Math: The Universal Language – Dakota

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