Spirit Lake

Learn Multiplication and Division from a 3-D Adventure Game set in Native American History

⭐Recommended Grades 3-5
⭐Math: Multiplication and Division
⭐History: Dakota (Sioux) History, Plains Native Americans

📚Spirit Lake Math Standards

In Spirit Lake: The Game, players learn how to solve multiplication, division and geometry through word problems set in the context of a stories based on the history and culture of the Dakota people. Save your tribe from attacks and a spreading epidemic by solving math problems while escaping rabid wolves and hunting buffalo. Math has never been this fun!


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Playable on the web? No. Requires download? Yes. Internet required? Yes, at login (continuous connection not required).

Spirit Lake draws from 7 Generation Games award-winning work, which backed published academic research that shows students who played our games saw math scores on in-game skills improve 30% in 10 weeks – 3x over the control group. This game will help students understand the importance of mathematics as it applies to reality.

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