Presentations and Publications

Here at 7 Generation Games not only do we work hard to create educational games, but we’re frequently on the road collecting data, publishing and presenting on the work we do, as well as about the overall state of educational games.


You can check out some of our recent presentation decks below.

Educational Games for ELL: State of the Art
Presented at the California Association of Bilingual Education (CABE) 2016 by Maria Burns Ortiz and Jovi Buendia.

Impact and Influence of Educators in Game Design
Presented at the CUE National Conference 2016 by Dr. AnnMaria De Mars.

Using Video Games to Teach Math & Native American/Indigenous History
Presented at the 2016 Native Innovation Education Technology Conference by CEO, Maria Burns Ortiz.

National Indian Education Study: Correlates of mathematics achievement
Presented at the Washington D.C. National Indian Education Study 2012 by Dr. AnnMaria De Mars and Dr. Erich Longie.

Making youth into producers (not consumers) of technology Presented at the 2017 Wyoming Native American Education Conference by Dr. AnnMaria De Mars.


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