Bozeman Trail

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Recommended Grade Level: Grades 4-6

Social Studies: Westward Expansion

American Indian Education for All: Lakota (Sioux), N. Arapaho, N. Cheyenne, and E. Shoshone

Set against the backdrop of the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie, the Bozeman Trail is a short-cut off the Oregon Trail that students explore to learn about Northern Plains history (1862-1876). What sets this game apart from any other programming in its class is the chance to explore competing perspectives of the same set of events, revealing the full historical context of the era.


Bozeman Trail features interactive games that reinforce content, making learning accessible for all.

Choose 1 of 5 avatars to study Westward Expansion OR play 5 times for a “birds-eye” view.

For example,

📌 Immerse yourself in the challenges different SETTLERS faced as they ventured into the unknown.

📌 Simulate how RAILROADS capitalized on technology & economic policy to affect change.

📌 Explore how E. SHOSHONE strengthened themselves through aboriginal claims, culture & Tribal treaties.

📌 Test your geography knowledge to learn how LAKOTA used natural resources, intertribal alliances & Tribal treaties to manage change.

📌 Evaluate how well the CAVALRY upheld the U.S.’ commitment to the Trust Responsibility.

This digital online version is designed to support Bozeman Trail board game learning—programming that’s structured by NGSS & aligned to meet Common Core ELA, social studies, C3, Math, and more!

The Bozeman Trail online version was developed from the existing board game by Elephanta Education. The Bozeman Trail is part of the BRAVE series. Because it takes courage to get into the game.

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