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We also offer pre- and post-tests as well as additional teacher resources. We also love feedback and would to hear any ideas you might have to make the games better!

IN ALL OF OUR GAMES …  Interactive mathematics is similar to Common Core state assessments, with drag-and-drop features, number lines and chart capabilities.

Please note: Fish Lake and Spirit Lake are installed on your desktop and need administrator access, just as if you were installing any other software.


making campLearn math and social studies as you building out your own virtual wigwam! Available now and can be played across all platforms. Aligned to Grade 3 standards. (Also available bilingual below.)

For Mac, PC and Chromebook: (The browser-based version of this game is iPad compatible.)

Making Camp is also available as a native iOS (iPad only) and Android (phone and tablet) app for free. Just click the respective icon below from your compatible device – or search “Making Camp” in the App Store or Google Play Store.


Fish Lake Poster

Aligned to Grade 4-5 standards. Fractions.

MAC – Click here to download the Mac version of Fish Lake

Instructions for Mac OS X download.

NOTE: If you get a message about ‘unidentified developer’ here is how to fix it in 5 seconds or less.


WINDOWS – download, unzip and away you go

*PLEASE NOTE You must have Windows 7 or higher.
Fish Lake does not run on Windows XP or Vista.

Instructions for Windows 7 download.
Instructions for Windows 8 – 10 download.


Images from Spirit Lake Game

Aligned to Grade 3-4 standards.

MAC – Click here to download Mac version

Instructions for Mac OS X download.


WINDOWS – download, unzip and away you go

*PLEASE NOTE You must have Windows 7 or higher.
Spirit Lake: The Game does not run on Windows XP or Vista.

Instructions for Windows 7 download.
Instructions for Windows 8- 10  download.


FT Main

Forgotten Trail is in beta. Forgotten Trail is browser-based. It runs on Mac, PC or Chromebook. It is not yet available for iPad. Aligned to Grade 5 standards.

To get started, click here to create your own username and password: Register for Forgotten Trail. After you have created your username and password, then you can start to play Forgotten Trail!

If you are returning to the game and already have your username and password then: Click here to login and play Forgotten Trail!

If a new window doesn’t open, please copy and paste the following URL in a new window:

Since it’s a beta, we have a few minor notes for Forgotten Trail:

1.  You select your own username and password. Just make one up and if it is not already used, you are good to go.

2. You can play as many times as you like. Just create a new username when you’ve played all the way to the end.

3. We are in the middle of creating this game, so each time you play, you may find new activities added or (we hope not!)  a bug introduced as some improvement did not go off as planned. If you do have any complaints or comments, please email


Making Camp Bilingual

Making Camp: Bilingual. Learn math and social studies as you building out your own virtual wigwam – in English and Spanish! Aligned to Grade 3 standards.

Browser-based version (Chromebook compatible):

Also available as an iPad app for $1.99 in the App Store.

aztech splash screen


AzTech Games is a fully bilingual multi-part adventure games series aligned to Grade 5 and 6 math standards. What was just an ordinary day in history class becomes an adventure, as Xitlali and Jose find themselves transported back more than 1,000 years in time. Drawing from math, history and language arts, they need to find a way to make it home.



 AzTech: The Story Begins is the first chapter of the AzTech Games series, where players apply real-world applications of math (including fractions, averages and multi-step problem solving) as they embark on what soon becomes an unbelievable journey. How does one find themselves whisked from Iowa in 2015 to somewhere in the Pre-Colombian jungles of the Yucatan? Play AzTech: The Story Begins to find out.

Browser-based version (Chromebook compatible):

Also available for iPad as a free download.

Aztech Maya icon AzTech: Meet the Maya picks up where AzTech: The Story Begins leaves off  – in the heart of the Mayan jungle. In this fully bilingual game, players learn and apply skills from how to read timelines to understanding distributions to reading pictographs (and more!).

Currently available in the App Store for iPads for $1.99.

Browser-based (Chromebook compatible version) and offline version coming soon. Email us to be notified with available.