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What if you could combine the characteristics of an effective teacher, the engagement of an immersive video game and produce measurable math improvement in a single educational software? That’s what we do at 7 Generation Games. Combining educational research, advanced game design and innovative technology, our games produce results (300% improvement over the control group on math skills). Our bilingual products teach math in-context, incorporating history and language arts and acquisition. Developed with educators, our games simultaneously teach concepts, test comprehension and track progress. We’ve optimized games to meet technological needs from urban centers to rural and network-limited communities.

Although presented in a highly engaging format, every challenge in our games is aligned with Common Core math standards, presenting players with the kind of problems they’ll encounter in the exact format they’ll encounter them on the computer-based state assessments.

And we provide free custom teacher resources that supplement the content covered in the games – including videos, PowerPoints and more.

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