What makes us awesome?


We make math practical. Useful. You want to save your entire village from an illness? You better go get the right number of herbs and bring them back.  Oh, and make sure you bring enough arrows with you for hunting buffalo. You’d hate to run out because you brought too few.

See how we just slipped some math skills in there?  Even more, it also incorporates historically accurate Native American culture and traditions.

We understand what makes good games and good graphics. Meaning our games meet the standards kids have when it comes to what constitutes a quality gaming environment. We have built out immersive 3D virtual worlds and quests that drive kids to persevere.

Just as important, we have a demonstrated record of raising math scores in students who play our games. And we’ve proven successful with students who are performing below grade-level.

Yes, it’s great to have a cool game that students want to play, but a game that students want to play and that can bring students up to the academic level they’re supposed to be at: That is the kind of thing that will revolutionize the way math is taught.