About Our Company

Combine the fun from a video game with the skills of a good teacher and what do you get? Higher math scores.

At 7 Generation Games, we’ve merged educational research, game design, and technology to produce positive learning results (300% improvement over the control group on math skills). Using story lines from history, our educational games teach math, English and Spanish in context. (Imagine if The Sims met up with the Mario Bros. in The Oregon Trail game.) Developed with educators, our games simultaneously teach, test understanding, and track progress. Whether you’re in a school with a Windows lab or a parent trying to get your child to learn new math skills using a device, we have games for you.

Breaking down barriers to success, one math problem at a time

We believe that not enough educational technology is being developed to focus on serving the specific needs of students from Native American, Latino, and underserved or rural communities. So we develop low-cost, highly-accessible teaching apps that blend math skills, native language development, and multicultural recognition to break down barriers to success. We, too, value their connections to their heritage as they learn the foundational skills needed to pursue new opportunities for their futures.

Our Vision

We envision an educational system where all communities have the tools and resources needed to foster strong connections to their heritage while creating new opportunities for their future.

Our Mission

Break down underserved students’ barriers to educational and life-long success.