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Our games retain no personally identifying data. If you played as a guest, no data was recorded. If you registered with a username and password, the only data maintained in our database is username, date and time of each game play session, answers to in-game math, English or Social Studies.

If at any time, for any reason, you want to delete the data associated with your username, it’s super simple. Just fill out the form below giving us your username, your email and last login date. This is so that we can verify it’s you, you typed your username correctly and you aren’t having the data deleted for someone else. If you don’t remember your last login date, the simplest thing to do is login now.

If you used the same username for multiple apps, you don’t need to login to each one. Just check all of the apps for which you want data deleted and in the message field, just make a note of the app for which you are providing the date, like “Login date is for Making Camp Ojibwe”.

If your username and login date match , we will delete the data within one business day, and, if your have provided your email, we will send you verification. No data will be retained in our database.

If the date does not match, we will email you for more information.

    First, we need some information to verify this is you.

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