Try Before You Buy: Game Demos

First of all, if you only have a Chromebook or tablet, click here for a demo of Making Camp, a suite of casual games that teach math and social studies.


wigwam in background with Making Camp in text in foreground

The iOS app can be downloaded at: or, if you’re on an iPad, just click the icon below.




If you want something a little higher performance that runs on a desktop, look below for a demo of our desktop games that you may freely download.

Whichever you choose, the demos will give you a taste of what is available in the full games.


Mac and Windows Games

Game demos omit some introductory material and stop midway through the first level. Each game includes sample quizzes and math tutorials that are available when a student answers a math challenge incorrectly. Installers are available for Windows and Mac OS X.


Spirit Lake

In Spirit Lake, you help your tribe survive while solving multiplication and division problems in a 3-D virtual world.

For Windows the download link is SpiritLakePCDemo_Installer.exe

For Mac OS X the download link is Spirit Lake Demo Install.dmg
Buffalo from Spirit Lake Game

Fish Lake

Fish Lake – tackles fractions while you migrate with your family across the Great Plains (based on the migration of the Ojibwe people to “the land where food grows on the water”). This game is full of side quests, Easter eggs and (of course) real-life math. This expansion of our virtual world includes activities suggested by our beta testers on the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation and the Turtle Mountain Reservation.

The demo will give you a taste of what is available in the full game.

Installers are available for Windows and Mac OS X.

For Windows the download link is

For Mac OS X the download link is

Fish Lake demo

Forgotten Trail

Take an adventure with Sam and Angie as they walk through the paths that their ancestors once traveled.

Click Here To Play The Demo



After you have given the games a try, click here to purchase the full games!