Privacy Policy


Our free apps currently include demos for Fish Lake, Spirit Lake, and Spirit Lake Beginnings – Lakota (playable on Mac and Windows operating systems), AzTech: The Story Begins and Empiric Empire, Making Camp Ojibwe, Lakota and Dakota (playable on Mac, Windows and Chrome Book), and mobile device versions of AzTech: The Story Begins and Empiric Empire, Making Camp Ojibwe and Lakota, as well as the Math The Universal Language AR App series – the original, Lakota, and Dakota (available on iOS and Android). We collect no data on users using our free apps. Zilch. Nada. Not location information, not your name, IP address, nothing. We don’t install cookies on your computer. You don’t need to worry whether your information is safe with us because we have collected no information.


Paid apps include Making Camp Premium and Bilingual, the full versions of Spirit Lake and Fish Lake, Forgotten Trail, and AzTech: Meet the Maya. The only information collected for all paid apps is username and game status, number of points and level achieved. We may also collect basic demographic information; age, gender, grade and school. We never collect personally identifying information. All data are maintained on our corporate server and not shared with any third parties.