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Video on Mayan Trading Practice and Distributions

Videos to teach statistics, in Spanish and English

With a dose of Mayan culture

In AzTech, as with all of our games, students can choose to learn by watching a video, reading a webpage, having a page read to them or doing an activity. 

Math Videos are listed by topic, followed by Social Studies Videos

The videos below address topics of special concern to schools using our games, either because these were prerequisite to learning statistics, or were math or social studies concepts with which students have particular difficulty. For Spanish-speaking students in your class, we have video voiceovers in Spanish. Feel free to use any of these videos to teach your children. To check out our games, click here.

Videos Ordered by Math Topic

Time-rate-distance problems

What is a time-rate-distance problem – and how to solve one.

A  distance – rate – time problem example – Grandpa Goes To Texas
SPANISH: El abuelo viaja a Texas

Grandma Goes to Honduras – Another distance-rate-time problem
SPANISH: La abuela viaja a honduras

Fractions and decimals

Converting fractions to decimals – 2 1/2 = 2.5

Fraction and Decimal Equality – This video gives an example of finding the equivalent decimal for a fraction. It ends asking the students to solve several practice problems. Note that some of these are repeating decimals like .333. This video provides a good “jumping off” point to discussing repeating and terminating decimals.


Learning about distributions using bar graphs , with examples from Mayan trading.
SPANISH: El comercio Maya

Why did the Maya Hunt? – What’s an X axis? What’s a Y axis? Another example of using bar graphs, explaining Mayan hunting practices.
SPANISH:  ¿Por qué cazaban animales los Maya?

Explaining distributions and variability, with bananas and angry villagers -How can knowledge of distributions save you from angry, spear-wielding villagers? Watch this video from the AzTech Games series to find out.
SPANISH: Explicando distribuciones y variabilidad, con plátanos y aldeanos enojados

Social Studies Standards (Using Math)

What’s the Word? History terms explained.
SPANISH: Términos de Historia

Using Timelines With B.C.E. – How do we use timelines with years before the current calendar came into use?
SPANISH: Línea de tiempo con A.E.C.

How To Solve Timeline Problems With B.C.E. – Example of how to solve a timeline problem, from AzTech: Meet the Maya

How to solve time-rate-distance problems

Time- Rate – Distance Problems Example

En Español: Time-Rate-Distance Problem Example 1

Another Time-Rate-Distance Problem example

En español: Another Time-Rate-Distance problem

Converting fractions to decimals

Converting fractions to decimals

Learning Distributions Using Bar Graphs and Mayan Trading

En Español : El comercio Maya

Mayan Hunting and Bar Graphs

En español: ¿Por qué cazaban animales los Maya?

Explaining distributions with bananas

En español: Explicando distribuciones y variabilidad

What’s the Word?

En español: Términos de Historia

Using Timelines with B.C.E.

En español: Línea de tiempo con A.E.C.

Solving a timeline problem example