Forgotten Trail Math Standards

Standards addressed in the game

CLICK HERE to download the pdf file listing all of the math standards addressed in Forgotten Trail, by grade level and where each is found in the game..

Currently there are 19 standards taught and assessed in Forgotten Trail, of which 17 are standards for grades 4-6. There is 1 standard at the second-grade level, 1 at the third-grade level, 6 each at the fourth- and fifth-grade levels and 5 at the sixth-grade level.

Forgotten Trail is in the beta stage, which means we’ll be adding a few more levels, as well as polishing existing ones. The focus of the math in Forgotten Trail is on fractions, measurement and data and statistics. Because it is in the beta stage, you can buy it for less than $5 for one student, or $50 for an  entire classroom.