Spirit Lake Clip Art

In developing our games, it has become increasingly apparent to us how little Native American-related clip art exists. We wanted to try to help remedy that problem.

Please feel free to use any of the artwork here in your classes, on your website or education-related blog. Questions? Please email us at info@7generationgames.com.

Clip art is for non-commercial educational use only. 7 Generation Games retains all rights/copyright to this artwork. In other words, we simply request that you don’t alter the artwork and that you don’t attempt to sell the artwork we’re providing you for free. (For example, if you want to use it on your class PowerPoint, that’s totally fine. If you want to blow it up and sell it on a poster, that’s not.)

Right-click on clip art of your choice and select SAVE IMAGE AS to download. To see the whole image, select OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB.