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Student Log-Ins

You will receive individual logins generated for each student. These logins will either be a.) generated by 7 Generation Games and feature a combination of your school or teacher name and a number; or b.) a student login your school has previously assigned to each student (usually, this is a school assigned student ID number).

You want to make sure that no logins are duplicated as the game uses the login to pick up on where the user left off.

We are able to identify user data based on the login, but we at no time will be able to identify who the individual user is. As a result, it is imperative on your end that your site maintains a list of the user logins and student names.

For example, we’ve had it come up in the past where a student can’t remember his/her login. On our end, we don’t know what login the school assigned any individual student.

Knowing what login is assigned to each student is also important for reading the student data reports, you will need to be able to reference the student’s assigned logins so that you can pair up each student with his/her data.

Data Reports

A key feature of 7 Generation Games products is the ability to access student data that is tracked while the game is played in your classrooms. Data reports comes included with your 7 Generation Games license.


This data will allow you to see how your students are progressing. Because each level covers specific Common Core items, you will be able to view student progress in – and gauge mastery of or struggles with — these clearly identifiable concept areas.

When a student passes a level, he/she has demonstrated sufficient proficiency over the items covered. Prolonged time spent at a level indicates the student likely needs additional instruction and/or attention with regard to these math concepts.

Once students have completed the game, the data report will provide you with a breakdown that includes pre- and post-test data so you can easily analyze student improvement.

The data reports will allow you to immediately assess strengths and weaknesses of individual students areas as well as the entire class.


Below you will find a short video on how to use our teacher reports. After watching the video, you will find a list of the games for which you can access Teacher Reports.


7 Generation Games Teacher Reports


Fish Lake Teacher Reports              Spirit Lake Teacher Reports          Making Camp Premium



Making Camp Bilingual                  Making Camp Ojibwe                      Forgotten Trail



AzTech: The Story Begins               AzTech: Meet the Maya


Automated reports by student are available now if you have any question please contact or request the data report by emailing Data reports will be sent within 24 hours.

When requesting a data report, please specific the user names you would like included in the report. Please note, teachers only have access to the students in their classroom’s data. Principals, superintendents and other approved administrators will have access to the data reports of all students in their schools and/or district.

Game Overview

This brief video will give you a very thorough overview and introduction to “Spirit Lake: The Game.”

Cheat Sheet

X= Shooting
Spacebar = Jump
Moving = Up Down Left Right Keys
SHIFT (Hold down SHIFT KEY) = Run
W = Forward
S = Backward
A = Turn Left
D = Turn Right
I = Point Up
K – Point Down
J = Point Left
L = Point Right
? = Help
Keyboard Help Sheet

To download a Cut-out Sheet 7GenerationsSpiritLakeGameCheatSheet