Usernames and Passwords

This is the most common question we get – how do I/ my students get usernames and passwords?

Each player requires an individual username and password.The only requirements are that the username cannot already be in use and it cannot include any blanks or special characters. JoeBlow is fine. “Joe Blow”   or Joe&Blow  is not.

There are three ways to get usernames/ passwords

  • Players can make up their own.
  • If playing at a school, the teacher can assign one. Usually teachers assign them as students invariably forget their usernames/ passwords and we keep no personally identifying information.  That is, we cannot tell you that FredFlintstone is actually Joe Schmoe at Jamestown Elementary School.
  • If playing at a school and we receive a request at least 48 hours in advance of when it is needed, we can send you a list of available usernames and passwords you can assign for your students, in a nice document you can use to print out labels or cut and put as slips of paper on the students’ desks.

The username and password track the player’s progress in the game and also, for most games, record the quizzes and responses to answers.  Teachers can look up individual student progress by username .