Usernames & Passwords for Teachers

Most Common Teacher Question – “How do I set up student usernames and passwords?”

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Have usernames and passwords handy before they arrive.

Each student needs an individual username and password to play.

To stay organized, here are some quick tips.

Username requirements

  • The username cannot already be in use.
  • A username can’t have any blank spaces or special characters. JoeBlow is okay. Joe Blow  or Joe&Blow is not.

Three ways to set up student usernames and passwords

Note: We do not keep any personally identifying information! (We can’t tell you if “Fred Flintstone” is actually “Joe Schmoe” at Jamestown Elementary.)

  1. Players can make up their own.
  2. If playing at school, you can assign students their usernames. Usually teachers assign them as some students are likely to forget their usernames/passwords.
  3. If your students are playing at school, you may send us a request–at least 48 hours in advance!–for a list of new usernames and passwords you can assign to your students in a formatted doc you can use to print out labels, or cut and place as slips of paper on your students’ desks.

Other Relevant Information

  • The usernames and passwords tracks players’ progress in the game and also, for most games, records the quizzes and responses to answers.
  • Teachers can look up individual student progress by username.