Just for Educators: Try 7 Generation Games

Fish Lake

If you know educators who might be interested in what we’re doing, please have them email us at info@7generationgames.com for a complimentary copy as well. If you know other people who aren’t in education, but whose kids would like playing 7 Generation Games, please direct them to our purchase page. (We just ask that you please don’t share the password to the game download page.) We also offer pre-and post-tests as well as additional teacher resources. We also love feedback and would to hear any ideas you might have to make the games better! 

IN ALL OF OUR GAMES …  Interactive mathematics is similar to Common Core state assessments, with drag-and-drop features, number lines and chart capabilities. All classroom, school and district-level licenses also include data reporting, our Game Design Curriculum unit (for Grades 5 through 12), project based-learning lesson plans and teacher professional development. District, school, and program-level pricing is available. 

Games for any device

We like to provide games across several different platforms in order to meet the needs of different schools and students. We have various games that are run on any Mac or Windows computer that includes both games playable on the web and those that can be directly installed on the computer. We have games and apps for Chromebooks, iPad, and Android. 

To access the games for your device, click the appropriate link below. These pages are password protected, but the password you received will work on all three pages.

Games for Chromebook

Games for iPads

Games for Mac or Windows computer

English/Spanish Bilingual Games

If you have forgotten the password, email info@7generationgames.com, let us know the name of your school and mention in the email you forgot your password.

Standards taught in each game

AzTech:The Story Begins – Grades 5-7 Mathematics Standards Taught

Fish Lake – Grades 3–5 Fractions Standards Taught

Forgotten Trail – Grades 4-6 Math Standards Taught

Making Camp Lakota – Grades 5-6 Math Standards Taught

Spirit Lake – Grades 2-6 Math Standards Taught