Math Unconference

Here are the links for the “Math Unconference” on April 23.

Presentation by Maria Burns Ortiz, CEO and Co-Founder, 7 Generation Games


Play Our Games For Free

Session video will be available the week of April 27, and we will share here when it’s up.

Presentation PowerPoint

You can click the above image or use this link:

Free Tools – PowerPoint+

I mentioned during the presentation that I had a list of some other free tools. Here is a supplement to my presentation with some more of those resources.

You can click the above image or use this link:

Game Drop-in Links

Please keep in mind these links were primarily for rough demo purposes to give you a quick overview of the gameplay during the session by skipping registration, etc. To actually play the games, you can access them here:

Mayan god king
Making Camp Premium logo

Measurement Apps Activity

Measurement and Augmented Reality:

Finding the Perimeter:

MatchTheMemory Examples


Equivalent Fractions:

Game Design Cards

Game Design Cards:

Blank Design Cards:


Math Version:

Lists of Resources

Free Distance Learning Resources (a blog compiling the many lists of free resources that edtech companies have made freely available):