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Drunk Podcasting Advice with Julia
Julia and AnnMaria take turns drinking shots of peppermint schnapps and giving each other advice, They touch on everything from risk-taking to parties to reality TV. Despite the shots, Julia's advice on starting a career in the entertainment industry makes a lot of sense. AnnMaria has some advice on budgeting, requested by Julia.

Drunk Podcasting Advice with Julia

Dani Marie with Ronda Rousey, the inspiration for her transformation
Dani Marie and AnnMaria discuss what led to the Rousey Effect blog and "Messages to Ronda", Dani's struggles with mental health and support for those with mental health issues. They also dive into social media, both the negatives (weirdos!) and the positives. The two also discuss the challenges and motivations for starting a business and AnnMaria's brilliant (in her opinion) idea of the Can-do.

Social Media, Mental Health & Rental Wives

Chris Round, More Than Ordinary podcast guest, with friend and Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison
More Than Ordinary - the podcast that makes you smarter. How do you balance international competition, graduate school and a career? Chris Round, former Olympic hopeful and current environmental scientist joins AnnMaria De Mars to discuss current events from climate change to student debt to the difference between corporate life and startup culture.

Student Debt, Corporate Shills & Judo

Dave Roman and a judo friend
Is there a place in judo for adult, non-competitor players? Can adults come do judo in a gym for fun like they do Brazilian jiu-jitsu or even basketball? We discuss these questions with Judo Chop Suey podcaster, Dave Roman. We also talk about work-life balance. How do people find time to have a job, a family and work out? Also, what's going on with 7 Generation Games these days?

Dave and AnnMaria Fix Judo

UYU professional gamer team
Wonder what it takes to become a professional gamer? Do people really spend ten years trying to reach the professional level in esports like they would for say, basketball? What happens after your professional gaming career is over? Is there anything you learn from it that can be applied in the real world? All these questions and more are answered in our latest interview with UYU President, Drew Kim.

So, you want to be a professional gamer