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statue in park in Santiago
AnnMaria calls in from Santiago to fill in Maria on how things are going in Start-up Chile, which has selected 78 companies from 21 countries around the world to build out their companies in Latin America. Find out how Maria is managing running the 7 Generation Games office with the president out of town. Listen to the end to find out what AnnMaria is doing that you can't.

Santiago and Start-up Chile: No problem!

Maria and AnnMaria at conference
We've been SO busy that's a podcast in itself! The topic of unpaid versus paid internships caused so much debate around the office this week that we decided we just had to stop everything and record it. Maria has some VERY strong feelings on this, while AnnMaria is uncharacteristically ambivalent. More than Ordinary - even our podcast makes you smarter. Oh, by the way, if you want to know what we decided and why, post in the comments. Feel free to give us your opinions as well. We really are interested.

The Great Intern Debate: AnnMaria & Maria May Come to ...

you create art
Most people with artistic interests think their choices are starving artist or becoming an accountant. Adrianna Garcia explains her career path from art therapist to art entrepreneur. Did you ever wonder what an art therapist actually does? Can you really help victims of domestic violence with your art? In the second half of the podcast, Adrianna tells what it's like to give up a safe position with the county and step out into the unknown as an art entrepreneur.

Adrianna Garcia : Art Therapist and Entrepreneur

Maria and AnnMaria
AnnMaria and Maria give the questions for the Family Textbook trivia contest. We debate whether the problem is that Maria is too boring or AnnMaria is too disgusting and obscene. Since our Howler monkey was out to lunch the swearing exceeded Maria's quota of 1 word per episode. Clearly NSFW. We discuss good things we've seen lately, from 4H to Girl Scouts to youth in software design projects.

We’re back! Family texts, swearing, 4H & the Girl Scouts