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Chuck Zito and AnnMaria
This episode exceeds Maria's quota of one swear word per episode, with our guest Chuck Zito who has been a Hells Angel, contestant on Chopped, stunt man, actor in Sons of Anarchy, Oz and many more. We discuss life changes in every way from going from Hells Angel to stunt man. Chuck and Maria also talk about overcoming obstacles from stereotypes of bikers to prison (yes, prison). AnnMaria takes him up on his offer to 'Ask me anything.' [Click here to get Fish Lake on Steam as mentioned on the podcast.]

Ch-changes and Hells Angels: Guest Chuck Zito

Maria and AnnMaria recording
AnnMaria and Maria talk about making their ideas a reality, including ignoring those who tell you that it can't be done or even if it can, you aren't the one to do it. We also discuss how you can 'walk the walk' about supporting small businesses, helping our troops, made in America - small things you can do to make the world a better place.

Making Your Wild Ideas Come True

hayward throwing a young person
Hayward Nishioka has represented the U.S. in the world judo championships, won the Panamerican Games, coached at the world championships, written several judo books published by Black Belt and is an international level referee. He joins Maria and AnnMaria today to give us his advice on how to live a good life based on the lessons learned from judo.

Way more than ordinary judo player: Hayward Nishioka

Jonah the sound guy
Sometimes a podcast goes over time but we have some wisdom from our guest that is just too good to not use. Today, Jonah Linder, also known as The Sound Guy, has put together for your holiday listening pleasure, a collection of these bits from Justin Flores, artist and athlete/coach, Sean Stone, historian and media personality (soon to be media mogul), Jose Gonzalez, middle school history teacher and father, Venadito Sanchez, teacher of Nahuatl and dance. Each gives their advice on the important things in life.

Bits Too Good to Miss

Kellie wearing 7 Generation Games shirt
Kellie Cunningham discusses the film she is co-producing on the Olympic Auditorium and Aileen Eaton. If you don't know, Aileen, a famed promoter in the 1940s was the first woman inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. She also happened to be Judo Gene Lebell's mom. Hear Kellie tell why Aileen never won any mother of the year awards, as well as her take on what a producer does and how to get into the business.

Ways to Make it in Hollywood with Guest Kellie Cunningham

Maria, largely unsuccessfully, tries to get AnnMaria to focus on the topic of how to overcome the inertia of consumers to get them to try our new app, Making Camp. AnnMaria rambles on about sex, Simpsons, invisible magic wands and shoe sales. She also defines a common factor and gives a tip for helping your child succeed.

New Apps and Yes-butter, or, The Real Competition

Setsu Shigematsu
Setsu Shigematsu is an associate professor at the University of California, Riverside, founder of the Guardian Princesses series of empowering and fun children's books. She discusses her motivation for training in martial arts and how, for her, strength is a feminist issue. AnnMaria just wants to beat people in judo and refusing to accept girls can't do sports made her a feminist and turned her into an arm bar specialist. Maria explains mansplaining. We discuss the mixed messages female athletes receive when their coaches are all men, when they are rewarded for being 'feminine' female athletes as much as for athletic excellence.

Talking Women in Sports, Startups and Feminism with Setsu Shigetmatsu

Maria and AnnMaria
AnnMaria gives advice on parenting, coaching and teaching. "Can you honestly say you are doing this for your kid or for yourself?" Maria says, "Fight for your children but also teach them to fight for themselves." AnnMaria advises standing firm for what you believe is right for your child, regardless of how much flak you have to take. The difference in how parents, coaches and educators look at the same child. AnnMaria thinks you have no more (or less) right to hit your child than to hit the mailman. Maria thinks hitting your children teaches them nothing good.

Advice on Parenting