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you create art
Most people with artistic interests think their choices are starving artist or becoming an accountant. Adrianna Garcia explains her career path from art therapist to art entrepreneur. Did you ever wonder what an art therapist actually does? Can you really help victims of domestic violence with your art? In the second half of the podcast, Adrianna tells what it's like to give up a safe position with the county and step out into the unknown as an art entrepreneur.

Adrianna Garcia : Art Therapist and Entrepreneur

Maria and AnnMaria
AnnMaria and Maria give the questions for the Family Textbook trivia contest. We debate whether the problem is that Maria is too boring or AnnMaria is too disgusting and obscene. Since our Howler monkey was out to lunch the swearing exceeded Maria's quota of 1 word per episode. Clearly NSFW. We discuss good things we've seen lately, from 4H to Girl Scouts to youth in software design projects.

We’re back! Family texts, swearing, 4H & the Girl Scouts

Dale Sidebottom
Dale Sidebottom is SO not your average gym teacher. He explains how his unusual name forced him to come up with games when he was a substitute teacher (called 'supply teacher' in England and Australia, where he has taught). He has created 35 apps, run workshops for professional development through his company "Energetic Education" - all while teaching full time. Now he travels the world running teacher workshops. You'll be inspired (and tired) just listening to him. He is also the first elite cricketer we have had on the podcast.

More than ordinary energy! Dale Sidebottom, Physical Education Re-invented

American flag with eagle
Dean Dauphinais, Jr. rejoins us for another episode where he talks about his current venture, All Star Vets. The organization uses sports, outdoor activities and possibly, soon, gaming, to bring together veterans with and without physical disabilities in activities that promote physical and mental health.

All Star Vets: Helping ALL of our warriors

Dean Dauphinais, Jr
Dean Dauphinais, Jr. is a Marine, enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Ojibwe, father, history major, social entrepreneur who is the CEO of All Star Vets. In this first of a two-episode interview, he discusses how his service in the Marines , Little Hoop (Cankdeska Cikana) College and UND shaped his views and knowledge of history, Native American and otherwise. (Listen next episode for all about All Star Vets)

Dean Dauphinais, Jr. -Marine, Native American, History Teacher, Social Entrepreneur

Maria and AnnMaria
In amazing turn of events, Maria violates her own 'no swearing on the company podcast' rule in her rant about the people who say they will support her and then when we are running a Kickstarter campaign, they promise to back us, but don't. AnnMaria assumes everyone is a lying dirt bag (except you, podcast listener) so she is not surprised. We rant about the hypocrisy of people who bemoan the lack of women in tech, low math scores and inequality in education but don't lift their big toe to help. Back us on Kickstarter! Check the link on our web page or search Aztech Games on

AnnMaria’s & Maria’s Rants about how people suck

Mama don't let your babies go off to school. Author, father, entrepreneur and home school advocate, Jeff Till discusses with AnnMaria his choice to unschool his children. No grades, no getting up at 6:30 in the morning, no standardized tests. He argues that "learning to do things that bore you" is an overrated skill.

Back to school tip from Jeff Till: Don’t go!

Brian Herskowitz
Brian Herskowitz came from Houston,Texas to make it in Hollywood. The story ends unexpectedly - he DID make it, as an actor but primarily as a writer and producer. Add author and professor to that, as he teaches screenwriting and literally wrote a book on the subject. Did I mention he is happily married, has two well-adjusted children and won the world masters judo championships? How does he do it? Just listen.

Brian Herskowitz: How a Texas Boy Made Good in Hollywood

Since tips are the most popular part of our podcast, we are doing a second "all tips" episode, with advice from professor, author & Olympian Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, Roy Hash - army veteran and Call of Duty player extraordinaire , Karen Mackey, attorney and judo champion, Randy Couture, UFC champion, actor & entrepreneur. We also hear from three outstanding high school graduates heading from Manual Arts High in Los Angeles to top universities - Jorge Campos , Claudia Jorge , Ethan Troup, from Lou Ferrigno, The Incredible Hulk himself (and super nice guy), Harry Grammer, founder of New Earth School.

Tips for a More than Ordinary Life