Small Business

Dani Marie with Ronda Rousey, the inspiration for her transformation
Dani Marie and AnnMaria discuss what led to the Rousey Effect blog and "Messages to Ronda", Dani's struggles with mental health and support for those with mental health issues. They also dive into social media, both the negatives (weirdos!) and the positives. The two also discuss the challenges and motivations for starting a business and AnnMaria's brilliant (in her opinion) idea of the Can-do.

Social Media, Mental Health & Rental Wives

Going through our archives, we came across this great post from May 18, 2012 “Starting a Business? Design, Develop, Cash & Credit” that we wanted to share in case you missed it the first time around. Want to start a business? Think you’re a good programmer? Have a good design? […]

Throwback Thursday: Starting a Business? Design, Develop, Cash & Credit