A Virtual Eagle Feather to our High Scorer of the Week

snowy field

We drove out to Warwick, North Dakota last week. If you wondered what the scenery was like, it all pretty much looked like this.

It was worth it, though, because we met a lot of really smart people. One of them, Dean Dauphinais, is the Superintendent of Warwick Schools and he suggested that we should have a weekly posting that showed the highest scoring student and their school.

As you might know, we don’t collect students’ names for our game data collection, but we do have usernames and school.  So, for our first week of game play, the highest scoring student was … drum roll please ….

McGarvey3   of Tate Topa Tribal School, who made it to level 3, in just one week. 

In Dakota tradition, when someone accomplished a feat of bravery, performed a notable act of generosity or did something else worth noting, that person was given an eagle feather. So, here is a virtual eagle feather for you! Good work!