You know, I think we need to find a more user-friendly way to install the game on windows than download this, extract all these files and move this here.

When Dennis said this out loud, my initial reaction, was,

No shit, Captain Obvious!

Young girl in captain hatYou might wonder why we were so brain dead as not to think of this immediately.

The fact is, we’re changing direction, in a good way. I would not say we are pivoting, as much as expanding our scope.

When we began with Spirit Lake: The Game, we thought we would be selling to school districts that had predominantly Native American students. Initially, the game was being installed in computer labs by the school’s computer technicians. So, of course, they knew what operating system they were using, what browsers they had installed. They knew how to extract files, what a zip file was. For the installation process took a minute and was a piece of cake.

Then, a funny thing happened — I mentioned the game a few times on my statistics blog, we did a Kickstarter campaign and we found out that a whole lot of PARENTS, most of whom were not Native American, were interested in buying the game to get their kids to learn more mathematics. So … we ended up having a broader market than we anticipated.  Nice problem to have.

Which is how we ended up moving to the top of our priority list, making the game an easy install on Windows. (It already is a self-extracting file on the Mac.)