Get in the Holiday “Spirit” By Giving “Spirit Lake: The Game”

Wondering what to get as the Christmas countdown gets shorter and shorter? “Spirit Lake: The Game” is a perfect gift. And between now and Dec. 25, you can purchase “Spirit Lake: The Game” for just $9.99!

If that’s not enough to convince you, here’s just a few of the many reasons “Spirit Lake: The Game” makes a great present.

Easy installation. You won’t have to spend three-hours assembling “Spirit Lake: The Game,” only to find when you get to step 47 that you should have used the 13/16 inch screws included (not the 15/16 inch screws, even if they fit) and that you have to go back and undo, then redo all the steps.

Online shopping is the big thing. You can purchase “Spirit Lake: The Game” without having to set foot in the mall.

What on earth do you buy a fourth- or fifth-grade boy for Christmas? Look no further.

What on earth do you buy a fourth- or fifth-grade girl for Christmas? Look no further. Seriously, Barbie is not the answer.

Your nephew sees a cool video game. Your sister sees an educational product. It’s a winning gift all the way around.

It’s also a great present for your own children. Slip a little educational fun into their stocking – in addition to some chocolates, of course.

When you go on your annual spring cleaning purge in a few months, you won’t find yourself throwing “Spirit Lake: The Game” in a garbage bag while muttering to yourself about the money you wasted on that one.

You put off your shopping until the last minute. Now, it’s Christmas Eve, and the stores are closed. Fear not, you won’t have to face your niece empty-handed. Instead, you’ll be able to say, “Of course, I got you a gift.” (And it won’t be a lame knick-knack you had to pick up at the gas station.)

It comes with an awesome holiday e-card as well!