Clans: Beginning game two


Perhaps we should start identifying ourselves when we post. Hi, it’s AnnMaria, sometimes game designer, sometimes web developer and all of the time President. I’m ecstatic to be working on the game today with Dr. Carol Davis from the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians. We sketched out seven levels. The first is an introduction, “Choose your clan”

From the Chippewa Heritage site

Each clan was ascribed different characteristics, and members of those clans were thought to exemplify these characteristic.  For example, the Crane and the Loon Clans were given the power of Chieftainship. By working together, these two clans gave the people a balanced government with each serving as a check on the other.  The people of the Catfish Clan were thought of as teachers and scholars. They helped children develop skills and healthy spirits. They also drew on their knowledge to solve disputes between the leaders of the Crane and Loon Clans.  Members of the Bear Clan were reputed to be strong and steady police and legal guardians. Bear Clan members spent a lot of time patrolling the land surrounding the village, and in so doing, they learned which roots, bark, and plants could be used for medicines to treat the ailments of their people.  The people of the Marten Clan were hunters, food gathers and warriors of the people. Long ago, warriors fought to defend their village or hunting territory. They became known as master strategists in planning the defense of their people.

Justin will be working on the artwork for this soon. We are planning to have all of the clans discussed above: crane, loon, bear, marten and catfish. There are other clans that we will mention in this level but they won’t be choices at this point. The clan comes up again later in the game. Stay tuned.