The following movies were created to supplement the content covered in Fish Lake. Math content focuses on fractions, while the cultural content videos focus on Ojibwe (Chippewa) culture. You can also visit our 7 Generation Games YouTube channel.

Fish Lake Math Videos

Here is a table of contents:

  1. Division Terms
  2. Fractions and Fishing
  3. Fish Division – Compare Unlike Denominators
  4. Grandmother’s Map Shows us the Way to the Buffalo Hunting Grounds – Fun Video
  5. When is a Fraction the Same as 1?
  6. How to Compare Fractions with Common Denominators
  7. Meeting in the Middle – Fractions
  8. Mixed Form to Fraction Form
  9. How to Compare Like Fractions
  10. Adding Like Fractions
  11. Is One Half Fair? – Fractions
  12. Mixed to Fractions Movie 1 – Mixed Form To Fraction Form
  13. What is Half? – Fractions
  14. Fractions on a Numberline
  15. The Stew Problem – Learning About Fractions
  16. One Way To Solve a Problem is to Build a Model
  17. Understanding Fractions
  18. How to Understand Fractions
  19. Grandfather Needs Our Help… The Number of Fish May Be Decreasing – Fun Video
  20. Write Out Numbers With Super Amy and Vin-credible
  21. Problem Solving Tip: Throw it out
  22. Adding Like Fractions 2
  23. Visualizing The Exact Fish Problem
  24. Using a Numberline in Fraction Problems
  25. Numberlines and Finding Your Way

Fish Lake Culture Videos

  1. Rabbit stew – how snaring rabbits helped the Turtle Mountain Ojibwe survive
  2. Ways to fish – the Ojibwe fishing techniques