Making Camp Math Videos

Let’s be honest. Few people besides math teachers remember which one is the dividend and which is the divisor. While many of us use strategies for problem-solving, we probably haven’t really thought about those since, oh, say the fifth grade or so. The free version of Making Camp includes math videos that target two areas teachers and parents told us are often a struggle for students; math terms and problem-solving strategies.

The Making Camp math playlist is available free and includes:

  1. What’s the word? Division Terms
  2. Problem Solving: Build a Model
  3. Problem Solving: Start at the End
  4. What’s the word? Math Terms
  5. Problem Solving: Throw Out What You Don’t Need
  6. Problem Solving: Visualize

The videos in the play list are only the math videos used in the free version of Making Camp.

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Or, just click the link below to check out all of the videos in order.

Making Camp Culture Videos

The playlist is as follows:

  1. The Marten Clan
  2. How the Ojibwe Caught Fish
  3. Red River Cart
  4. The Bear Clan
  5. Social Structure
  6. Totems


  1. What’s a synonym?

You can also visit our 7 Generation Games YouTube channel for all of our math and culture videos used in all of our games. We’ll be adding a lot over the next few months as our new games come online, so be sure to subscribe.