Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off to North Dakota We Go

I had a few other topics I wanted to write posts about – our mini-games, changing the language for each game, future activities planned in the game, all of the changes we have made and will be making to align with common core – but time’s up.

In about 12 hours we leave for North Dakota. We will be installing the game in six schools on two reservations. Right now, I’m testing laptops, packing chargers, adapters, headphones, mice, a projector, flash drives. You can’t count on popping down to the Best Buy at Fort Totten or Belcourt and picking up a replacement adapter. (People who live there are laughing reading this because the nearest Best Buy is 100 miles away, at least.)

As I type, the very first install for Fish Lake is being built! There is a lot to get done in our two weeks around the state. At each site, we’ll be doing a three hour teacher orientation where we explain the rationale behind the game, do a demonstration, show all the teacher resources and give them an opportunity to play the game. We’ll also be installing the game in several computer labs, on teacher’s laptops and desktops.

Yes it will be a high of 12 degrees, we have packed every bit of warm clothes that we own and there will probably be a blizzard while we are there, but  I am so excited I don’t care (which if you knew how much I hate cold, this is a very great degree of excitement indeed).

In a way, it’s like the first time you see your child off to school and just hope that the teachers will love your baby as much as you do.

Stay tuned!

(Also, to those who bought a subscription, your link to the beta version will be in your email in a couple of weeks when we get back. After hundreds of kids have played it for weeks, we should have found every bug there could be before we send you your link.)