Social Studies Unconference

Here are the links for the “Social Studies Unconference” on May 13.

Presentation by Maria Burns Ortiz, CEO and Co-Founder, 7 Generation Games


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Presentation PowerPoint

You can click the above image to access a PDF of the slides or use this link:

Game Drop-in Links

Please keep in mind these links were primarily for rough demo purposes to give you a quick overview of the gameplay during the session by skipping registration, etc. To actually play the games, you can access them here:

Break 1

Mayan god king
Click to Play a Part of the Game
Canoeing in Fish Lake, game to teach fractions
Click to Watch a Video of Gameplay

Break 2

Making Camp Premium
Click Here to Play
tipi in the woods
Click Here to Play


Making Camp Memory

Making Camp Lakota:

Making Camp Premium:


Matching Game:


Crossword Puzzle:

Word Search Puzzle:

Purpose Games

Image Mapping Activity:


Social Studies Mixtape Version:

Game Design Cards

Game Design Cards:

Blank Design Cards:

Teacher Resources

We also have an ever-growing library of teacher resources – PowerPoints, videos, clipart, etc. – that complement the content in our games are free for any teacher to use:

Our new teacher resource site is in beta (with new content being added weekly) and is organized by topic – instead of game. You can access that site here:

Lists of Resources

Free Distance Learning Resources (a blog compiling the many lists of free resources that edtech companies have made freely available):