New Update this Week

We’ll be sending all of our pre-release purchasers a link to a new update this week, just because we want you to have it. What this update includes:

  1. Self-install for Windows (no more extracting files, creating your own shortcut). Plus a nice little buffalo icon on your desktop.
  2. More sound effects in the game. Forest sounds when you are in the forest. Drum songs when you are with the tribe.
  3. Easter eggs with cultural information. Click on the horse to learn about buffalo ponies. You’ll have to find the other Easter eggs yourself.
  4. Fixed a couple of bugs. There were spots our beta testers found where if you made a mistake and were sent to study, you might get sent back into the wrong spot in the game.
  5. Added a level with deer hunting to the mini-game at the beginning which teaches how to use the keys to move around in the game and shoot.

Our pre-release purchasers will get a link in their email this week. Our Kickstarter backers (and our pre-release purchasers) will get the final game version in a few weeks. The primary difference in that will be a lot of cosmetic fixes. Stay tuned.